How the Chris Sale trade impacts the 2017 Yankees


Plain and simple……….it doesn’t. Yes, I know Chris Sale is one of the best pitchers in the majors right now and yes our rivals, the Red Sox have gotten him which gives them a better chance of winning the World Series next year. But the Yankees are not looking to be a championship team next year. To be honest, they won’t be a playoff team for at least the next two years. They pretty much gave up their future to win now, which makes sense to for them. Unfortunately for us, this would not be the case if we would’ve traded for Chris. We need more time to revamp our roster before we can even think about giving up some of our highly regarded prospects in order to obtain a pitcher to win a championship.

All I have left to say to the Yankee fans is to BE PATIENT. I know this is a hard word for some fans because they are so used to winning so much but the league is not like back then. Things are more even and the competition is tougher, which is a great thing for baseball in my opinion. Let them give away their future in order to win now because to be honest them giving away 4 great prospects, including Yoan Moncada, makes our future look a little more brighter than theirs.

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