Should Brett Gardner be traded?


Reports have cme out of this years winter meetings that many teams have inquired about Brett Gardner and that the Yankees have declined the offers. However, it seems as if the Yankees are still going to be listening to offers even though they said they rather keep him than trade him. But the real question is whether they should trade him or not in the first place. Well first we need to look at how valuable he is to the team.

Defensively, Gardner has been of the best outfielders in the game ever since he came up to the show 9 seasons ago. With a fielding percentage of .991 and a total of 18 errors throughout his career, I don’t know how he has won only one gold glove thus far but that is a discussion for another time. At the beginning of his career he showed off his speed a lot more than recently averaging 34 stolen bases his first 4 seasons to averaging 20 stolen bases the last 4 years. So it is pretty clear that the 2012 injury he sustained had some permanent effect on his speed. However, everything else including homers, walks and RBI’s have gone up and he has quietly been a productive player for he Yankees. One can say he did not become the player the Yankees wanted him to become but has been a great defender and a pretty good player for them.

Now he does have 2 more years and a team option on his contract that will take him into his age 35 season, so it is pretty hard to know if he is going to be the same player for the rest of the contract. I mean statistics show that players after they turn 30 tend to decline production time. Also, the Yankees are going through a youth movement right now so you can say this is the perfect time for them to trade him because he is not going to be any better than how good he is now.

So in my opinion they should keep listening and ONLY trade him if it going to benefit the youth movement or a well needed starting pitcher but other than that I don’t see the need in trading him at all. What do you guys think? Please let me know in the comment section below.

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