Move the Yankees should be considering other than adding a starting pitcher


Just because the winter meetings are over, it does not mean that the trades and free agent signings are over. Especially for the Yankees because of the fact that they failed to accomplish their number one priority this offseason, which was to acquire a starting pitcher. They still have plenty of time to do this, however, this isn’t the only move they should be focusing on. Besides addressing the pitching rotation, they should be focusing on trying to move on from Jacoby Ellsbury. Now the main problem with trying to accomplish this is the amount of years and money left on his contract. Not only this but his health issues are something that would concern any team that even has a little bit of interest in him.

From the moment the Yankees signed Jacoby to a 7-year, $153 million deal in 2013, it has left a bitter taste in many Yankees fans mouth (including mine). It was not even the money that was the issue, it was the amount of years and the fact that we honestly did not need a player like him at the time anyway. Two out of his last three seasons with the Red Sox were full of injuries and limited play, and even when he did play he wasn’t as productive as his 2011 season. I don’t know what the Yankees saw in him at the end of his tenure with the Red Sox that would make them sign him for such a long contract. I understand he had a great 2011 season but his three seasons after that proved that he would not be that type of player anymore. I guess the Yankees thought they could make him better or fix him somehow.

Now I am not saying that trading him would be impossible but there are a few problems that will make it difficult for them to do it. First off he is going into his age 33 season, which means his health is most likely going to get worse form here on out. The second problem is his contract he has 4 years (with a 5th year option) and about $84.5 million left on his contract. Moving that kind of money for a player that is 33 and a shell of himself is going to be very hard to convince teams to take him without the Yankees having to eat up a lot of the salary. Not only that but what the Yankees will get back in return won’t be all that great. To be honest who would even want Jacoby right now? He hasn’t done much anyway since the Yanks signed him. The last part is that he has a full no trade clause on his contract which means he has full control of where he wants to go which would be a huge obstacle for the Yankees. (WHAT WERE THE YANKEES THINKING?!?!?)

Like I said its not impossible, but it is very unlikely the Yankees will ever move Ellsbury which means we might be stuck with him for the rest of his contract (which ends in 2020). The only way is if the Yankees make a bad player for another bad player trade  and they decide to pay for most of his contract. Other than that, we just need to hope and pray that he al least show some type of production for the rest of his contract.

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