Thoughts on Jose Quintana trade rumor


Ok so I get the Yankees biggest need this offseason is starting pitching and getting Jose Quintana from the White Sox would be a great addition to the rotation. However, the reality of this happening is very slim and to be honest it is not worth it right now.

Jose Quintana has been one of the better young pitchers in the league since he came up in 2012 with an ERA of 3.41 in his first five years and almost 1,000 innings pitched. He earned his first All-star and was among the top 10 in the voting for the Cy Young Award. Also, with 4 years and $38 million left on his contract, he becomes a very attractive acquisition. So I completely understand why Yankees fans would love to have him on the team.

In order for the Yankees to acquire Jose, they would need to give up a few prospects that the Yankees are not willing to give up right now. General Manager Brian Cashman has made that very clear throughout this offseason. He said that it would be very difficult to part ways with the haul of prospects he has acquired. After hearing this, it is hard to imagine the Yankees trading any of their prospects for starting pitching this offseason, at least any good starting pitching.

Another point he makes (which i completely agree with) is that the Yankees are not one player away from being a playoff contender. They need some more pieces in order to become a playoff contender so it wouldn’t be a great idea to give up so many prospects for just one player that will make them better but not where they need to be. Jose Quintana is great but not one-of-a-lifetime player that the Yankees HAVE to have. I think it would be best to stay away from this trade.

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