Cashman thoughts on future Yankees


On Tuesday Brian Cashman had given his thoughts on a few of the Yankees current and future stars. Here are a few takeaways from what he said on the Yankees Hot Stove Show:

  • Aaron Judge, OF

Brian says that the powerful right-handed outfielder continues to work and develop his swing. He even has worked out with Alan Cockrell in order to help him improve his lower half part of his swing. Judge’s problem last year was the high rate of strikeouts (42 in 84 AB), but Cashman says he is confident this will be taken care of this year. (Let’s hope and pray for this)

  • Chance Adams, RHP

Cashman was very high on his remarks on Adams, who had a remarkable season last year going 13-1 with a 2.33 ERA between High-A and Double-A. He thinks that Adams has a shot to make it to the majors this upcoming summer ( I think so too) depending on how he does in Triple-A this year. He also says that he might be the best pitching prospect besides James Kaprielian.

  • Clint Frazier, OF

On Frazier, Cashman went on to say we might not see him in the majors until 2018, “How long is it going to be? I don’t know.” Since this year is going to be Frazier’s first season in Triple-A, it would be wise to think that we might not see him this year, however I wouldnt be suprised if he made it next year during the September call-ups.

  • Gleyber Torres, SS

When speaking on when we might get to see the Yankees #1 prospect, Cashman said “It’s hard to predict, he’s 19 years-old, just turned 20 I believe not too long ago. When somebody has that kind of talent, it could be an avalanche. I would say two years. But who knows.” So we won’t see him until 2018 but I personally cannot wait until then because this is a kid that has tremendous talent.

  • Gary Sanchez, C

Cashman spoke about his expectations for Gary Sanchez next season, after the rookie hit 20 HR’s in 53 games last season, “It’s created such a hype and it was almost every at bat you expected him to hit it. And those expectations can’t be met as we move forward. But we do now think we can count on and hope to count on one of the top five hitting catchers in the American League, at the very least, with the great arm and defense he’s going to provide.”

  • Greg Bird, 1B

After having a great 2015, Bird missed all of of 2016 because of a tonr right shoulder labrum but he did have a good stint during the Arizone Fall League and Cashman says he seems to be healthy again. However, he did say that there are no guarantees that he’s going to be the starting firstbasemen of the Yankees, so Bird will compete with Tyler Austin for the position during spring training.


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