Yankees sign 2016 NL home run champ to a 1-year, $3.5 million….but for what role?

Chicago Cubs v Milwaukee Brewers

On Tuesday, February 7th, reports came out announcing the Yankees signing of 1B/DH Chris Carter to a 1-year, $3.5 million deal. At first look it seems the Yankees got a steal because of the fact that Chris was the league-leader in home runs in the National League last season with 41 jacks. But if you take a good look at his other stats, he’s not as great considering he struck out over 200 times and had a on base percentage of .321. Still, you could say the Yankees got some what of a steal because it was only for $3.5 million which is not a big hit on the 2017 budget. Where the question lies is what type of role will he have on the team?

Last December the Yankees signed Matt Holliday to a 1-year deal to be the teams primary DH so it would seem as the DH position is out of the question. So that leaves First Base, however, last month Yankees GM Brian Cashman said that Greg Bird and Tyler Austin were to compete for the position during spring training. So what is going to be Chris Carter’s role on the team? Well, Brian Cashman answered this question yesterday on the WFAN Mike Francesa Show saying that Chis Carter would be a part timer getting some at-bats vs. right handers and hopefully Greg Bird will win the 1B job and gets the majority of the other at-bats. He expressed how it was difficult to ignore the potential impact Chris could have on the team and how he was “brutally honest” with all his personnel, including Chris Carter himself.

If you ask me, the plan sounds good and makes sense. I feel that he can be a very good addition to the team and for his price, it was definitely worth it. As for Tyler Austin, Cashman said that he will go back down to Triple A and work on playing right field. I do feel for him considering the strides he took while playing 1B and the great 2 months he had at the end of last season but I do have a feeling we will see him again in the majors in the near future.

Let me know what you guys think of the signing in the comment section below, was it good or bad? necessary?

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