What About Me

Hey, the name’s Ari Colon and I am a die hard Yankees fan and have been since the moment I stepped onto this earth, I’m also a freelance writer and entrepreneur. A few months back I noticed that a lot of these Yankee blogs on the internet are not really from a fans perspective. So I decided to create this blog for real Yankee fans and express the feelings and thoughts of a real hardcore fans view. I follow baseball and the Yankees year round 24/7 and love talking about it.

I am a Hispanic American that grew up in the Washington Heights area of Manhattan and then later moved to where I live now in the Bronx. I graduated from Iona College with a BBA in 2014 and used to run my family business until recently when I decided to pursue my new found interest in becoming a freelance sports writer. Please feel free to get in contact with me on my contact page. I am open to any opportunity or even just for discussions.